Organizing committee

      • Carole Lamonier (UCCS Lille, France)
      • Christine Lancelot (UCCS Lille, France)
      • Françoise Maugé (LCS Caen, France)
      • Laetitia Oliviero (LCS Caen, France)
      • Arnaud Travert (LCS Caen, France)
      • Luz Zavala (LCS Caen, France)

Local organizing committee

      • Sophie Gréard (LCS Caen, France, budget)
      • Pascal Roland (LCS Caen, France, website)


Scientific committee

      • Jorge Ancheyta (Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo, Mexico)
      • Sylvette Brunet (IC2MP, France)
      • Xavier Carrier (LRS, France)
      • Jean-Pierre Dath (Total, Belgium)
      • Laetitia Dubau (LEPMI, France)
      • Sonia Eijbouts (Albermale, The Netherlands)
      • Arnaldo C. Faro Jr (UFRJ, Brazil)
      • Sergio Fuentes (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico)
      • Christophe Geantet (IRCELYON, France)
      • Emiel J. M. Hensen (Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands)
      • Victor Kogan (Russian Academy of Science, Russia)
      • Johannes Lercher (Technical University of Munich, Germany)
      • Pavel Nikhulsin (Samara State Technical University, Russia)
      • Pedro Pereira-Almao (University of Calgary, Canada)
      • Pascal Raybaud (IFPEN, France)
      • Yinyong Sun (Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
      • Thomas Weber (Shell, The Netherlands)
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